DayTrip to Nemea Cooking Class, Wine Tasting and Food Pairing in a Winery

You explore every destination discovering its flavors. Get to know Greek flavors through the unique experience of a cooking class in a winery, in a wonderful setting by a professional chef. Our chef will transform your cooking class into a warm, joyful life experience. He will use his profound knowledge of traditions as well as the Avant Garde cuisine techniques to create with you a meal measuring up to a 5 Star Restaurant. All your experiense will be accompanied with some of the greatest wines of the region at a perfect combination mastered both by the chef and the wine maker and will close with coffee and dessert.

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CookingClass in Nafplio

Cooking class in a special place in Nafplio where you will enjoy both the scenery, the lesson and the great result. When you travelling abroad great, traditional food is first in your ‘what to do’ list. Join our team and savor great food, with fresh ingredients and have fun while the food will combine the wine and the knowledge the great atmosphere.

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PrivateChef Experience

Savor an once in a life time cooking in front of you experience. We gather the best of the nature’s provided ingredients and we prepare a four courses meal while you enjoy a glass of wine combined by the chef according to the plate that follows. Relax and taste flavors that you have never before. Always welcome.

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WineTasting in a Unique Winery & Meal at Savor Nafplio

A unique winery is waiting for you to open its door and guide you through the world of wine. During the tour performance all your questions will be answered. You will enjoy the production area, the cellar, the unique landscape and taste four of the produced varieties. After that, we will visit our place in Nafplio, Savor Nafplio, where you will enjoy your meal combined always with wine.

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WineTour to Argolida

Two of the greatest wineries in Argolida are waiting for you. At a short distance from Nafplio you will have the opportunity to visit wineries that combine technical capabilities and tradition. Taste with us the varieties and discover the wine world.

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WineTour to Nemea

Explore the wineries of Nemea, one of the few regions in Greece that produces a variety of wine with protected designation of origin (PDO), the Agiorgitiko variety. Agiorgitiko is one of the finest and richest in color Greek red varieties. Note their differences and the common points of great quality.

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WineTasting in Nafplio

Wine Tasting in Old Town Nafplio where you can savor some of the greatest and of high quality greek wines. Take the opportunity and taste 5 representatives varieties of the greatest greek wines, the choice is yours. During the wine tasting a finger food platter will be served for your pleasure.

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WineTour & Food & Wine Pairing

Wine pairing is the unique way to savor both food and wine equally. When both of them are offered in a top quality and under the appropriate combination your meal will be turned in to an experience to remember. Visit a winery, taste all the varieties and then end up in a second one savoring a four dishes meal combined with wine.

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Take a walk in the Old Town of Nafplio and follow a tour that is beyond dates and names. Look out for well-hidden attractions and listen to the History that our guide will offer you generously as he recounts the series of events that made Nafplio the city it is today

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family vacations

FamilyExperience Unfolding the history of Nafplio's Old Town

Child-centered experiences. On holidays or excursions our objective is for all members to have the time they deserve and to savor the place they are visiting. Spend unforgettable family moments with our tour guide and tutor group who will unfold the history of the Old Town of Nafplio before the children’s eyes, as if it were a fairy tale, taking young and old alike on a journey in the past.

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MycenaeArchaeological Site

Mycenae gave their name to an entire civilization, the Mycenaean civilization. Is also the city of King Agamemnon who led the expedition against Troy during the Trojan War, which Homer accounted in his epic poem ‘Iliad’. Mycenaean civilization played vital role in classical Greek culture and inspired poets, writers and artists throughout the centuries. Together we can visit this point site of unique interest and delve deeper into each and every point during our tour.

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EpidaurusAsclepieion Archaeological Site

Epidaurus is famous for its theater which is admired for the impressive architecture and the exceptional acoustics. Additionally, although it is not particularly well known, it was one of the most renowned healing therapeutic centers in the ancient world. Both of them are making Ancient Epidaurus among the most famous archaeological sites in Greece.

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