Fine Dining


Savor an once in a life time cooking in front of you experience. We gather the best of the nature’s provided ingredients and we prepare a four courses meal while you enjoy a glass of wine combined by the chef according to the plate that follows. Relax and taste flavors that you have never before. Always welcome.

• Total Price: 65€ / per person for 2 persons
60€ / per person for 4 persons
55€ / per person for 6 persons
50€ / per person for 8 persons

◊ Scheduled time: Under Discussion
◊ Location: Nafplio
◊ Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours
◊ Meeting point: Nafplio
◊ Minimum participants: 2 persons
◊ Period of time: 365 days/year
◊ Confirmation: After Booking
◊ Transportation is not included

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